A Kenyan lady based in Canada drowned in a swimming pool while live-streaming herself on Facebook. 

Hellen Wendy, whose Facebook profile says that she worked as a nurse in Toronto, Ontario was in a jovial mood while interacting with her followers before the tragedy occurred. 

Wendy started swimming while her gadget was recording. She kept diving in the pool while holding her face beneath the water for several seconds before swimming back to read the comments on the live video.

She played with the water for nearly 10 minutes until she hopped into what appeared like the deep end of the pool.

Just 10:33 minutes, after she began recording herself, Wendy started gasping for air and could be heard making gurgling sounds while kicking and screaming.

At 11:54 minutes she made the last sound as the video went silent and the water remained still. 

The video kept recording for 3 hours before an unidentified individual came around at the 3:09 hour mark and noticed her in the pool.

Another swimmer came to the pool and inquired what had happened. “I thought it’s a poodle or something,” the first person answers.

“What if it’s actually someone who has passed away?” the other person asked before going round to check and confirming if Wendy was alive.

They raised an alarm as one of them rushed to call the caretaker of the facility. 

The recorded live stream which is still up on Facebook had over 6,800 comments and 148,000 views with more people sharing and commenting. 

Kenyans on social media came together to send their condolences to her family.

Watch Video:

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