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I Blame The Black Man For Why Black Women Bleach Their Skin

When I was young, growing up in Africa in a country where lighter skinned women are the epitome of beauty, I once asked a woman whom I looked up to why women with light skin were considered more beautiful than women with dark skin. Her answer was straightforward, “Because men like women with lighter skin if you are dark, men won’t find you attractive”. I remember looking at this woman confused because that ...

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In this article, I seek to address both the short and long term solutions to the graduate unemployment situation in Ghana. The objective is to propose a policy strategy for sustainable employment creation and graduate future skills training in Ghana which could lead to productivity, economic growth and an efficient labour force. Background In Ghana, graduate unemployment is one of the biggest challenges fac ...

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A letter to a single lady

Dear Single Girl, I don’t know you personally, yet, but there are a few things I want to tell you with the hope that I will get to know you some day. Actually, there are 5 things I want you to know: 1. How to get a man’s attention. The guy that you are looking for isn’t attracted to charm as much as he is Godliness because beauty fades but Godliness GROWS (1 Peter 3:3-5). I know that the culture will tell y ...

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Being European in a time of Brexit

Millions of people in the United Kingdom woke to a gray and rainy morning on Thursday, facing a decision about the country’s membership of the European Union: To stay, or to leave. Sam Schwarzkopf, a German neuroscientist who has lived in the U.K. for 17 years, awoke early. His British wife wanted to make sure she could vote in the EU referendum before work. “I’m confident she voted ‘remain,’” Schwarzkopf s ...

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A letter to the woman I adored but was afraid to be with

fell for you immediately at college. You were beautiful, effervescent and nice to me. Even if you had been single (you weren’t), I stood no chance, being a gangly, unappealing and late-blooming adolescent. At best, you found me amusing and we were friends. As college drew to a close, I was distraught that our friendship didn’t exist beyond that setting. While others itched for graduation, to me those days w ...

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Edwinology’s Lab: Pregnant human rights activists who can’t identify the twin who did it

A South African mayor Dudu Mazibuko has defended the decision to award scholarships to 15 female university students. They have to remain virgins. It is to "reduce HIV, Aids and unwanted pregnancy" in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. Human Rights groups are saying that it is invasive and sexist. "The scholarship promotes stereotypes — that you only get a bursary because you are a virgin, not based on you ...

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That’s My Opinion: With people like us, Ghana needs no Enemies

So far, we have proven beyond reasonable doubt that we can 'do bad' by ourselves. It is however, my hope that, there is a generation coming up that will see through what is going on, discard the manual we are using to cause the mess and come up with a workable manual that is solution oriented. Unfortunately, I am being told that, that generation I am hoping for, may even be worse than us.  So who is speakin ...

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