When we talk about sewing, the feminine link comes to play since they were the only people running the sewing business in the past.

The sewing business seemed intimidating in the past as young people whose parents had no money to further their education were tagged with the option of entering into sewing.

Most of the women had the passion to sew in the house to provide clothes for young people in the family while others also managed it as real business where they sewed for small money.

Even though few men were also seen engaging in the sewing business moving from house to house to sew tattered clothes, the most dominant were in the business were women.

The women who were sewing in the past known as seamstresses or dressmakers were not educated in schools on how to sew but did it with passion in order to make more profit to help manage their family and other responsibilities.

Today, the sewing business has grown to embrace more men and also women who have acquired knowledge of the trade from school to sew for money, earning a rebrand to fashion.

Most of these new fashion designers with their level of education have added unique ways and skills to sew nice and beautiful clothes for their customers. They believe in what they do and have gained more passion in the sewing business with the idea of making more profits.

They have changed the face of sewing from what was done in a small room of a house to a booming industry. Now, fashion designers have gained more ideas on how to sew, how to reach more customers through advertisement and how to bring out the best style to satisfy the needs of the people.

According to Daphne Mallory, the key to ensuring a profitable sewing business is to look for ways to expand your business beyond sitting in front of the machine and sewing all day, otherwise, it may take much more time to meet your income goals.

There are many different types of sewing business projects available including dressmaking, costume design, re-tailoring among others. It is also important for every dressmaker or a tailor to keep up with fashion and sewing trends which are the best ways to attract and maintain a variety of customers.

Sewing business is booming and one of the key contributors to the fashion industry of the country; hence, it is important for everyone who has an interest of entering the business to develop a strong passion, ignore all the misperceptions about sewing and keep it as the best business opportunity to make profit in life.

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