A South African mayor Dudu Mazibuko has defended the decision to award scholarships to 15 female university students. They have to remain virgins. It is to “reduce HIV, Aids and unwanted pregnancy” in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province.

Human Rights groups are saying that it is invasive and sexist. “The scholarship promotes stereotypes — that you only get a bursary because you are a virgin, not based on your capabilities,” says Javu Baloyi, of the Commission on Gender and Equality.

“There are better ways of getting an education.” South Africa’s main opposition party has lodged a complaint with the country’s human rights commission. The conditions of the scholarship were “a violation of the rights and dignity of the girl child”, a pro-women group have criticized.

The government-backed Commission for Gender Equality has also criticized the initiative:”I think the intentions of the mayor are great but what we don’t agree with is giving bursaries for virginity”

There is an issue around discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, virginity and even against boys. This is going too far.”


This is a very imaginable situation in Ghana. Human rights group anywhere have the same argument everywhere.

One of the great weaknesses of Human Rights groups is that they can be so humane, their care becomes careless.

Ask a teenager impregnated by identical twins – she will struggle to determine the father even at close range.

Ask a human rights activist impregnated by knowledge – she will struggle to determine which of the ‘twins in a man’ to empower with rights. There are two persons in very man.

The twin that wants to have sex at six and seven each day and the twin that has a gut feeling that sex must wait. In the human, are twins who irreconcilably hate each other. If you gave rights to a man, you could be giving it to one twin, excluding the other. You give him a gun to destroy his brother.

But the rights activist says let every man be himself as along as he offends nobody. But if you tell a man to be himself, you may confuse him. Because when he encounters a dog, there is a part of him that says run, a part that muscles him up to put a resistance – a higher self and a lower self.

Calling on a man to be ‘himself’, is calling a confused bunch of yays and nays, I don’t, I wan’t, I wish, I wish not – sitting deep in a man’s conscience.

So the human right activist standing before a man denies the twins within and confers rights on a man/woman to do anything his humanity desires. This freedom only empowers the inner twin eager for sexual escapades and stands in grave danger of giving fatherhood to one who wants it not. Hence, the care of human rights activist can be careless.

Some humility is needed for human right activists to know what is right. This proud all-knowing push is the reason why a man angry at the sun, gives the huge hue a hard long stare and goes blind.

Can we encourage girls to focus on six degrees and not six packs? Is it wrong to tell a virgin to remain one with some incentives especially in a region where HIV/AIDS is endemic?

Apparently, it is wrong because it discriminates against other girls who are not virgins.  Am I making a moral argument? Of course E-Lab is. Shouldn’t everybody have his own set of morality? Of course not. Nobody has his own train station in London. Nobody has his own law of gravity in New York so why should grave acts of right and wrong be customised? If everybody has his own bus stop, travelling by bus will come to a chaotic stop.

How does a society get to the point where a woman will be celebrated if she dodges all the stars and gets to the moon. But if she dodges all the men by staying indoors she gets boos like ‘virginity is not dignity’

But this is really to be expected. Virginity suffers some ridicule because we detest her mother, religion, a divine call for self-restraint.

A virgin is the bastard baby left after her mother, religion, has been banished from the city for being a nuisance to conscience.

This is how we ought to understand a certain jittery desire to clamp down on any proud promotion of chastity.

Gays can come out of their closets. But if the virgin comes out to say ‘yeah I don’t have any escapades yet, the response is ‘oh shut up and get back into the closet’.

So the robber (freedom to have sex) has been freed in an exchange of moral horror so the Jewish man who said he was God, can be jailed – worse crucified.

Of course, teens hooked to sex do not need condemnation. And as difficult as it is to abstain, we should not write it off. If we are struggling to answer an exam question, should we edit the questions? Should we throw the exam? Should every student bring his own answers and his own questions?

People will say it’s hypocritical to ride the moral high horse when it comes to sex. It is true. In fact, E-Lab thinks we shouldn’t be riding anything at all. That includes all the condom adverts asking us to ride girls like horses.

Let’s every man get off from his horse –the moral one and the demeaning one. Let’s give chastity its place of promotion even if we lost ours under a cocoa tree.

Human rights activists have freed us to become conscious of what we are entitled too. And that is good. But we have become so conscious; we now cannot sleep at night. And that is bad.


In response to the embarrassing question of ‘do you have a blog?’, your fake scientist here has put together as many as have been written on Like an irresponsible polygamist, E-Lab is still trying to find all his children littered across the internet.

So if you find one with a surname- Edwinology’s Lab, it’s very likely that I am the legitimate father. Tell my son to come home because I have come to my senses. I do need a blog.

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