Former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister Joseph Yamin under the erstwhile NDC administration, Joseph Yamin has cautioned Government to find a way and know how to handle Aisha Huang because she is not a galamseyer but rather an armed robber.

Joseph Yamin in an interview explains that the Galamsey Queen, Aisha Huang as we see her goes beyond that because their activity is a big cartel and he classifies it as armed robbery.

According to him, during his tenure of office, Aisha Huang has been on the wanted list which the security Agencies know about it so he does not understand what they are still doing since they already know who Aisha Huang is.

He further explained that, he is surprised at the security agencies, the Imigration, the Military, the NIB and the Police who have been docile on Aisha’s issue meanwhile they have a first class information about the lady.

The former Minister says he is surprise that the Security agencies are being quiet and have still not taken any actions on her and anytime they will arrest Aisha then they link it to Galamsey which isn’t the case.

“Aisha Huang has been arrested, I said they have arrested an armed robber not a galamsey Queen.”

“Her actions go beyond galamsey, it is a big cartel, I classify their activity as armed robbery”

“my soreness is about the security agencies, the Immigration, the Military, BNI, the Police, they have docile on this woman we call Aisha Huang but I’m surprise they are still sitting quiet without any action on her and anytime we hear about Aisha Huang then we are talking about Galamsey”   

Joseph Yamin in his explanation as the for deputy Ashanti Regional Minister alleges that Aisha Huang is into drugs, counterfeit, cocaine but they have branded themselves as miners.

He says Aisha Huang has Ghanaians who have been supporting her in all her evil acts in the country and those people sometimes go to the Ministry.

He says Aisha Huang is very powerful so a lot of people are afraid of her in the country especially around the concessions because if you try to play her, she will get you arrested.

“What they do is that, she has some Ghanaians whom she has been working with and these Ghanaians will first go to the Ministry and give first-hand information thinking she is a saint”

“you cannot play with Aisha Huang and go scot-free, she will get you arrested. She is very powerful so if you have a site and she comes there its either you go by what she says or you rather leave for her take over your concession, your machines and everything.”

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SOURCE: Mubarak Yakubu/

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