A Ghanaian man, whose name has been withheld, has shared his dilemma on how he ended up having an affair with his cousin and eventually having a child with her.

Explaining how it all happened, he mentioned that he had no idea he was dating his aunt’s daughter and that they were related.

“I only found out after she got pregnant,” he said.

Speaking on Happy FM, he said: “We dated for a while and we did not know we were blood relatives until she got pregnant. We had to go home to see her parents and that’s when I realised she was my cousin.”

He shared that due to this, he is unable to go back home because he knows he has committed an abominable act and is ashamed of himself.

Responding to how he is currently dealing with the situation, he stated that his girlfriend has gone back to the village and is currently with her mother (his aunty). “She has sent for me so the matter is settled but I cannot go.”

He said he is ashamed of himself and although he really wants to go for everything to be resolved, he feels reluctant.

He emphasised that ever since he found himself in this situation, life has been very rough for him and everything seems to be getting worse.

He was advised to get someone older than him to accompany him to do the needful and apologise to his aunty. “I believe things will fall in place for you afterwards,” he was advised.

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