The Management of Kuapa Kokoo under the leadership of Madam Fatima Ali is appealing to the Police and other security agencies to fast track investigations into numerous cases filed against some of their officers for various corrupt practices.

This to her and her leadership is crucial in silencing some of these officers who thinks they are having a field day with the funds of the poor farmers and with the laws of the land.

Addressing the National Executive Council (NEC) and Society Presidents at an emergency meeting called as a result of the false allegations being spewed through the media, she urged the leadership to engage the various security agencies where official reports of embezzlement have been lodged to intensify their investigations and come out with their findings to enable them make informed decisions over them.

In the view of the company, there are several individuals who have embezzled funds leading to the collapse of their credit union and others which are in bad taste and must be fast tracked and measures derived to commence prosecution and or retrieval of the said funds.

The earlier the investigations are concluded and the findings made available, the better for them to make informed decisions as they progressively embark on their house cleaning and restructuring exercise.

Some members of Kuapa Kokoo union who have been cited in some financial malfeasance and seeking a quick cover up, have in recent times been in the news trying to seek public sympathy and media asylum.

These members some of whom are facing various degrees of corrupt related charges, according to the company, tried to contest for various elected positions in the company as a means to insulate themselves from prosecution. Unfortunately, the vetting committee had done thorough background checks on all candidates and had been fed with clear pointing evidence based on which some of these officers were disqualified.

Further to that, others currently standing trial for embezzling over GHC 5,000,000 who for obvious reasons are urging characters like Mr. Nicholas Dzogbese to contest with the hope that once he becomes president of the union they would be cleared of any wrongdoing and the money becomes a bad debt has been exposed.

But management in a strong worded press release signed by the Administrator of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Cooperative Union (KKFU), Bernard Missedja, Thursday, July 26, 2018, urged for calm, stressing that the aggrieved farmers have no case and their plots have badly been exposed by some of the farmers they met with and attempted luring them with money to join their campaign to break the rank and file of the union.

“We are reliably informed that some members of the Union who have embezzled funds and are standing trial are the principal architects masterminding this propaganda to discredit the Union. It is important to note that most of these candidates are themselves being investigated by the state security agencies for their involvement in various degrees of embezzlement of the company’s funds totaling over GH₵5,000,000.00. Their modus operandi was very difficult to detect until the current leadership led by Madam Fatima Ali took over and decided to sanitize the system in their restructuring exercise after discovering some discrepancies in the accounts of the company at various locations”, the statement in part read.

It added “Some of these candidates were strategically being pushed by some of the members who have been implicated in various degrees of embezzlement with the hope that they will discontinue the investigation and clear them of any wrong doing once they are successful with their grand scheme.

Under the current leadership the purchase of cocoa this year has been all time high and unprecedented in the history of the Union. This could partly be attributed to management’s resolve to fight corruption and the systemic restructuring of the Union to make it attractive to both international and local investors which these disgruntled players are seeking to destroy with their actions”.

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