The District Chief Executive of Bosome Freho in the Ashanti Region suspects foul play and sloppy policing in the recent jail break incident at Asiwa that saw two suspects escape from police custody.

Kwame Adarkwa claims the police saw a hacksaw blade smuggled into the cells of two escaped remand prisoners days before they broke cell and yet did nothing about it.

The two were later alleged to have sawed through iron bars with the smuggled hacksaw blades before making their way out of the cell.

It is the second reported cell break in a week, the third in a month.

Seven suspects in a Denu cell in the Volta Region escaped under very mysterious circumstances just last month, triggering a chain of similar cell breaks in the Ashanti Region.

On Monday, two suspects held in a Tepa cell in the Ashanti Region cut through their prison bars with hacksaw blades and broke out of their cell. They have since been at large.

In a strange and yet similar circumstance, two suspects in the Asiwa cell escaped with the same modus operandi as their counterparts in Tepa, although authorities claim their escape was made a day before the Tepa incident.

The Asiwa police have been tight-lipped on the matter and will not disclose the identities of the escapees, Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor reported.

In the midst of the loud silence by the police, the District Chief Executive Kwame Adarkwa suspects there was collusion between some police elements and the escapees.

“We voluntarily arrested the leader of the suspects on Wednesday night and brought him in with a phone and machete,” He told Asare Donkor.

“They [Police] later informed me that they have arrested an extra two.

“On that fateful Saturday I was informed by one of my drivers that one of the policemen told him somebody brought some food to those in the cell and in the food was hacksaw blade and I questioned them, ‘why didn’t you arrest the person?’.

“The following day I heard the prisoners were gone,” he narrated.

He said in shock he went to the cells on Monday to find out what happened and saw that the iron rods at the toilet within the cell had been ripped apart.

The police pleaded with the DCE to keep the matter a secret because they were tracking the suspects and know where they are but Kwame Adarkwa is not convinced.

“I think there is a fishy deal in it,” he alleged.

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