Andrew Amadi Krow (Ohenenana Obonti Krow) has said he authored an article that was critical of former Attorney General Martin Amidu, which the latter suspects and insists was written by North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa using ‘Andrew Krow’ as a pseudonym.

Despite two denials by Mr Ablakwa about not being the author of the said article which Mr Amidu said he found insulting, the former AG insists the lawmaker cannot run away from what he strongly believes is his handiwork.

But Mr Krow in a statement denied being a henchman of Mr Ablakwa and owned up to what he said were his articles about Mr Amidu.

Read Andrew Krow’s letter to Martin Amidu below

Greetings Mr Martin Amidu,

I am Andrews Amadi Krow (Ohenenana Obonti Krow ) the sole author of the two articles “Martin Amidu, Is he a Contrarian..” and Martin Amidu And His Hate Agenda” which were published on modernghana website. I am a full blooded Ghanaian and a member of the Great Akatamanso Family.

My voters ID number is 5407008100 with the name “Andrews Amadi Krow” registered to it. I also use the name (pseudonym) “Ohenenana Obonti Krow” on social media, a name known to all comrades and my friends on the various social media platforms.

If I write an article, submit it to a respected professional journal or an editor, and have it accepted for publication, I own the copyright in the published article.

My articles are not “work for hire”. With the facts provided, a threshold question, therefore, in determining ownership of the article would be to determine if the articles were specifically ordered as a contribution to a collective work and there was a writing indicating the intention that it be a work for hire.

I started writing on political issues since 2011 and have been doing so based on my independent assessment of happenings on the political landscape. I have many articles published on some online websites in Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone all authored in my name. I decided never to respond to your articles because of the huge respect I have for you.

However I had to shift from my earlier position after reading your latest article on Mr Bryan Buabeng’s wall. Bryan is one of my very good friends on the other side, a young man I admire and respect so much.
Mr Amidu, “The Socialist Institute” recently honored me for supporting our party’s social media communication. It was organised at Tamale and was graced by the NDC regional chairman, regional executives, the former Municipal Chief Executives and other party officials. I received the award as “Ohenenana Obonti Krow”.

All present saw Andrews Krow (Ohenenana Obonti Krow) not Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.
My mother passed on few years ago and the funeral was held decently. All who attended the funeral did so because of Ohenenana Obonti Krow not Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.


This is an egregious error, a product of always a “constant vilification without checking your facts” in which attacking colleagues often supersedes getting it right. With little information, you form strong and unshakable opinions and proceed to take unwarranted actions against NDC faithfuls with your false accusations.

These few days, practically confirm this assertion. This also goes to confirm the assertion I expressed in my articles that your accusations were baseless. Prof. Mills was scapegoated with same fake stories and false accusation that caused the good Prof unbearable pain till he said goodbye.

In office, you tortured Mr John Mahama with words more deadly than thermonuclear ballistic missiles and still on same agenda after leaving office. This goes to suggest that all the accusations you levelled against Prof. Mills and John Mahama, were false. So far, you’ve not been able to substantiate any of your wild and salacious allegations with evidence and it has always been the usual long thesis.

Mr Amidu, making a false accusation in public is an aggressive act. Well packaged lies can hide sadistic impulses but the divine truth is that time takes away the sting – people will eventually figure out the truth. The NDC will surely be stronger, better, savvier after it gets out from under this turbulence it did not create. God be with you, wherever you’re.

Thank you sir

Meanwhile, Mr Amidu has issued a third article still accusing Mr Ablakwa of lying despite the younger politician’s denials of being the author of the articles.

In Mr Amidu’s latest epistle, he said Mr Ablakwa must stop lying in the name of God and just own up to his authorship of the said articles which Mr Amidu said he found insulting.

“I am not an idiot to buy into your known orchestrated and mischievous methods of denying the obvious with surrogates claiming responsibility,” Mr Amidu wrote, accusing Mr Ablakwa of “boldly attempting to surpass even Paul Joseph Goebbels in the art of denying the obvious in God’s name.”

Below is Mr Martin Amidu’s full statement:


Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, you are characteristically continuing your efforts to draw attention away from the evidence of your previous bad character on which I adduced documentary evidence in my article on your insulting behaviour with the mischievous denials in your latest post, which I have read.

You are boldly attempting to surpass even Paul Joseph Goebbels in the art of denying the obvious in God’s name.

Kindly just explain to the public how your article “On Development In Kenyan…” published on in your real name and Parliamentary rank on 4th September 2017 was published on on the same day in your time-dependent pseudonym Andrew Krow and stop your childlike and mischievous denials (Emphasis supplied).

You continue to portray mischief in referring to a supposed hearsay commentary on my article of 12th September 2017 on your insults while deliberately suppressing the same hearsay commentary on my reaction of 13th September 2017 that alleges that even “does not know in person this columnist, to ascertain whether or not he’s who he portrays himself to be or he could be someone else” when referring to your time dependent pseudonym Andrew Krow.

Since when did become deaf and dumb for to speak for it? As for one Ohenenana Obonti Krow now claiming to be your time dependent pseudonym, Andrew Krow, I appreciate your attempt to surpass even Goebbels in creating deniability when the hard evidence points to you and only you alone through your article “On Development In Kenya….” on the same of 4th September 2017.

I am not an idiot to buy into your known orchestrated and mischievous methods of denying the obvious with surrogates claiming responsibility.

Surely, Ghanaians are discerning and will judge by known and proven integrity and not lies. Stop your known endemic lies! I am done with responding to your continued mischief. Truth always stands!

Martin A. B. K. Amidu (Citizens Vigilance for Justice)

13th September 2017

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