Sex is different experience for everybody, but what we all share about this experience is its positive aspects. However, sometimes people go through a dry spell and end up lacking the benefits of sex. What happens to the body when it gets adjusted to not having sex for a long period of time?

According to WebMD, there are a few connections between anxiety and sex. One is the biological aspect where our body releases oxytocin when having sex. Medical News Today describes oxytocin as a “love hormone” because it has to do with childbirth, sexual activity, empathy and more. It explains the benefits of releasing oxytocin such as treating issues like depression and anxiety.

WebMD also speaks about how without sex you miss out on a special connection with your partner. You don’t discuss your feelings as much and lose the support of managing everyday stressors. This can build up anxiety in someone.

Immune system
Having sex regularly also has an impact on your immune system. It can help fight off illnesses such as a cold. There was a study discussed by WebMD where college students who had sex regularly had a higher level of a certain antibody called immunoglobin A, which is the body’s first line of defence. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a biotechnology product development company, discusses the functions of the immunoglobin A, which is an antibody that binds to antigens such as bacteria and viruses When it binds to the viruses it aids the body in destroying them. Sex helps produce this antibody that helps keeps you from getting sick.

Sex seems to also help improve memory. According to WebMD, sex helps us when it comes to the recollection of that memory. Sex helps grow more neurons and aids in getting the neurons to work more efficiently.

In general, sex helps enhance your relationship with your partner. It’s an emotional connection that you can’t get anywhere else. WebMD emphasises that sex assists with bettering communication. This doesn’t mean you have to have sex every day, as there isn’t really a time on it. However, having sex once a week can really help, as couples who do have more sex tend to have a better relationship.

Vaginal walls
As women grow older their vaginal walls start thinning. According to Reader’s Digest, the thinning of the wall occurs because of the lack of estrogens. Sex can be more painful and uncomfortable. Web Md states that having sex may help with vaginal dryness and irritation.

Source: WomenWorking

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