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Indian state requires users to get government permit to create WhatsApp groups

While WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption for all users two weeks ago, users in the conflict-ridden Kupwara district in north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir will require a license to start WhatsApp newsgroup. A new circular issued by the district magistrate of Kupwara asks for the mandatory registration of all "WhatsApp news groups." The registered groups will be monitored by the authorities for "p ...

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Find out who has ignored your Facebook friend request

Ever get the feeling that someone is ignoring you? Maybe you met them at a party, talked for a long time about your shared love for Game of Thrones and thought you’d hit it off. So you go home and before you go to bed you send them a request on FB. It never gets accepted. You go through all the usual excuses; perhaps they didn’t see it, perhaps they’re not a prolific user of Facebook or maybe they accidenta ...

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The death of a British icon: Land Rover Defender ends production after 7 decades

It is a vehicle that enjoys as much affection as other motoring icons, like the VW Beetle, the Ford Mustang or the original Mini -- but this week, Land Rover is finally turning off the production line for the Defender, the car that lent its name to the company. For the Defender did that and more; its demise brings to an end a vehicle that can be traced back to 1948, when a car known simply as the Land Rover ...

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How to use Google Maps on your smartphone when you don’t have connection

There's nothing more frustrating than being lost with no mobile connection in an area you don't know. If the map on your smartphone loads at all, it's usually very slow, or gets your location completely wrong. Google has found a way around those problems with their 'ofline areas' feature, which allows users to download detailed maps to their phones, meaning they can search for places and get directions with ...

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Major heads to roll at Twitter

Four senior Twitter executives are leaving the media company, which is also adding a new chief marketing officer and two board members, a source said on Sunday, outlining the biggest leadership changes since Jack Dorsey returned as chief executive, calling for "bold rethinking". Media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product head Kevin Weil, and the head of the engineering division, Alex Roetter, will all leave t ...

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Is Africa hiding the next Mark Zuckerberg? The future of tech talent

On May 14th, 1984, Mark Zuckerberg was born in Westchester County, N.Y., to a dentist and a psychiatrist. Twenty years later, he launched the initial version of “Thefacebook” out of his Harvard dorm room. In August, a decade after opening to its first members, Facebook had one billion users in a single day. Zuckerberg is undoubtedly brilliant. But what if he had been born into a working-class family in Nige ...

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Twitter says widespread outages resolved; blames glitchy software update

Twitter Inc said on Tuesday it had reversed a glitchy software update and resolved outages widely reported across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America that affected users of the social network on computers and phones. In a status update at 1800 GMT (1 p.m. EST), Twitter said an "intermittent issue affecting some users" was related to "an internal code change." "We reverted the change, which fix ...

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Microsoft announces new details about upcoming augmented reality headset

Microsoft has stayed fairly cagey about its upcoming Hololens augmented reality headset, but details of the impressive device are beginning to come out. We know that the Hololens will overlay virtual images onto the real world, turning a wall into a canvas or a tabletop into a videogame, but the device's technical specs have been kept from the public. Now, new information about the Hololens has been announc ...

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Ghana to get ‘sin-free’ Facebook alternative

A Ghanaian Christian group is to launch a "holy" social network alternative to Facebook which will be free of "un-Christian" content. "Social networks these days are filled with nude content and violence," the group LoveRealm said in a statement. "The site will be launched on 9 January and will ensure a holy social network experience by censoring and removing "un-Christian content," its CEO Yaw Ansong Jnr s ...

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The toilet you only clean once a year

An "intelligent" toilet that opens when you approach it and self-cleans with every flush is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It also cleans the user with an aerated wand, which delivers warm water and warm air "from a seated position", a spokeswoman said. Despite a $9,800 (£6,704) price tag, more than 40 million earlier versions of the Neorest toilets have been sold. Bathroom firm T ...

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