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Strange matter wins Physics Nobel

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for discoveries about strange forms of matter. Three Britons, David Thouless, Duncan Haldane, and Michael Kosterlitz, will share the 8m kronor (£727,000) prize. They were named at a press conference in Sweden, and join a prestigious list of 200 other Physics laureates recognised since 1901. The Nobel Committee said this year's laureates had "opened the door o ...

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GCAA restricts Samsung Galaxy Note 7 use on flights

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has cautioned “all passengers and crew in possession of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not to turn on or charge the device on board aircraft”. The GCAA has explained it is a safety measure being adopted following the recall of over 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices due to several reported cases of overheating or outright explosion during charging. In a press release ...

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iPhone users finally get powerful features of Truecaller

Seven years after it first launched its iPhone app, Truecaller is finally getting real-time spam protection features. Truecaller announced today that its iPhone app, much like its Android app, can now warn users of spam calls in real-time. Though Truecaller's iOS app has existed for as long as its Android app, some of its best features weren’t previously available to iOS users due to restrictions imposed by ...

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Apple expected to unveil new iPhone 7

Wednesday is a big day in the tech world. Apple is holding its annual launch event where the new iPhone 7 is expected to be revealed. The much-heralded device comes just as rival Samsung has recalled its flagship Note 7 over battery issues. The tech rumour mill has been running at fever pitch about possible new iPhone features and gadgetry. Many commentators expect Apple to have ditched the headphone jack, ...

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NCA: White Screen Spectrum not to collapse telcos

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has debunked allegations that a new technology it intends to deploy is meant to take over services provided by telecommunication companies (telcos) in the country. The NCA has said it will take advantage of television channels that are not in use following the introduction of the white screen spectrum to improve data transmission across the country. Some critics b ...

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Researchers create tattoos you can use to control your devices

Scientists have created a new kind of high-tech temporary tattoo that can act as a controller for smartphone apps and other devices. Called DuoSkin, the tattoos were created as a joint effort between MIT researchers and Microsoft Research. The temporary tattoos are applied just like any other temporary tattoo. Made of gold leaf (and sometimes LEDs) the tattoos look more like jewelry than the temporary tatto ...

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Use your creativity – Mahama to youth

The youth of Ghana have been urged to use their creativity by taking advantage of the institutional framework and systems being put in place by the government to create jobs for themselves. President John Dramani Mahama, who gave the advice, revealed that government was on the path of putting all the mechanisms and institutional framework in place to assist the youth in unearthing their talents and potentia ...

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Apple to lower App Store ‘tax’ for loyal subscribers

If you sell an app, subscription or other product through the App Store, Apple gets 30% of the money. That's how its been since the App Store's inception seven years ago. But soon Apple will for the first time lower its App Store commission on one condition: if an app can retain a subscriber for over a year, the revenue split will be 85/15. The change will apply immediately to existing apps with users that ...

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Facebook to add ‘secret conversations’ to Messenger app

Two years ago, Messenger, a photo and text messaging service, appeared to be almost an afterthought at Facebook, the social networking giant. Messenger often took a back seat to the limelight enjoyed by WhatsApp, the messaging app that Facebook had bought for $19 billion. And Messenger’s capabilities were so limited that you could not send friends an animated GIF of a dancing Shiba Inu, as you could with ma ...

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GRIDCo donates drone to the police service

The Ghana Police Service has taken delivery of a remotely piloted aerial system ‘drone’ to monitor activities in the country during this year’s general election. Also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the system was donated by the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), power distributors. Until recently, drones were used by the military in combat zones where the life of a pilot on board an aircraft could ...

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