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Meet Britain’s first ‘black and white’ identical twins

They have contrasting skin tones, eye colours and hair types. But remarkably, these two babies are actually identical twins. Amelia and Jasmine Appleby, who have just celebrated their first birthday, are thought to be the first 'black and white' genetically identical twins born in the UK. Despite coming from the same egg, the siblings look strikingly different and are often mistaken for step-sisters. Amelia ...

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Johnson & Johnson to pay £51m after woman death linked to baby powder

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay £51 million damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company's baby power. In a verdict announced late Monday night, jurors in the circuit court of St. Louis, US, awarded the family of Jacqueline Fox £7 million of actual damages and £44 million of punitive damages, according to the family's lawyers and court r ...

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Teen charged with pretending to be a doctor: I never said I was an M.D.

An 18-year-old charged with posing as a doctor told ABC News that "just because someone has a title 'doctor' in front of their name does not necessarily imply M.D." Malachi Love-Robinson, who police say posed as a medical doctor and treated patients in West Palm Beach, Florida, said his training involved shadowing many doctors. "I'm not portraying as an M.D. I never said I've gone to school to be an M.D.," ...

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Breakthrough in Syria – WFP

The World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations has succeeded in delivering “desperately needed food” items to stranded citizens in war-torn Syria. The distribution which involved series of UN inter-agency convoys was completed yesterday. “This marks a major humanitarian breakthrough in Syria, but we must remember that one-off and sporadic convoys can only provide temporary relief to hungry, desperate ...

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Christine Lagarde to serve second term as MD of IMF

The board of the IMF has selected on Christine Lagarde to serve as MD for the institution for the second term. Mrs Lagarde’s tenure was supposed to expire by July this year. She put in her bid for the second term after receiving the support from several finance ministers like Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. According to Christine Lagarde, she is grateful for the support given to her by the board ...

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Sex worker ‘surgically removed from client after he died during sex’

A video has emerged that apparently shows a prostitute stuck to an elderly client who died on her. Hidden under a blanket, the footage is purported to show the prostitute on top of the man while still attached at the genitals. The video was first posted on Miaopai – China’s version of YouTube – before it was put onto Liveleak. The exact circumstances of what happened and how the pair came to be stuck togeth ...

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South Sudan troops killed 50 civilians by suffocation

South Sudan's government troops killed about 50 civilians last October by stuffing them into a shipping container in baking heat, a report has said. The document by the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), which oversees the country's ceasefire, said the incident took place in Unity State. The government has not commented on the claim - the latest reported atrocities in more than two years of ...

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US election: Trump dealt blow by Cruz in Iowa vote

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has won the Iowa Republican caucuses, the first vote of the US 2016 presidential election. "Tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives," he declared, to great applause, as he railed against Washington, lobbyists and the media. He took 28% of the Republican vote, beating his rival, the once frontrunner Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Votes in the Democratic race are still being c ...

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Zika declared global emergency by WHO

Zika poses a global public health emergency requiring an urgent, united response, says the World Health Organization. Experts are worried that the virus is spreading far and fast, with devastating consequences. The infection has been linked to thousands of babies being born with underdeveloped brains. The WHO alert puts Zika in the same category of international concern as Ebola. It means research and aid w ...

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Nigeria seeking World Bank loan

Nigeria is holding talks with the World Bank to help it fund a forecast $11bn (£7.7bn) budget deficit. However, Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun said in a statement that it was not applying for an "emergency loan". Nigeria is believed to be looking for around $3.5bn from the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Africa's largest economy has been hit hard by the recent fall in oil prices, and the governm ...

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