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Health Tips

Health experts debunk egg cholesterol myths

The National Egg Campaign, launched last March to promote good nutrition through the adequate consumption of eggs, has received a major boost following the endorsement of the initiative by health and nutrition experts in the country. Speaking on the sidelines of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) Annual General Meeting in Kumasi, Dr Anthony K. Enimil, a paediatrician at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital ( ...

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8 low-sugar fruits for healthy diet

All fruit contains sugar, although some varieties have a higher content than others. People looking to control their sugar intake will often give up or reduce their consumption of fizzy drinks, chocolate, or candy but may not think about fruit. Of course, fruit is a healthful way to cater to a sweet tooth and add nutrients to the diet, but some fruit, such as bananas and mangoes, have a higher amount of sug ...

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FDA approves ‘trackable’ pill

US regulators have approved the first pill that can be digitally tracked through the body. The Abilify MyCite aripiprazole tablets - for treating schizophrenia and manic episodes - have an ingestible sensor embedded inside them that records that the medication has been taken. A patch worn by the patient transmits this information to their smartphone. The information can also be sent to the prescribing docto ...

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30,000 mental health cases cannabis induced

Thirty thousand of all outpatient cases reported at the three psychiatric hospitals each year in the country are cannabis related. More than 10 per cent of all inpatient cases in the three psychiatric hospitals — Ankaful, Pantang and Accra — are due to the abuse of cannabis. The Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority of Ghana, Dr Akwasi Osei, gave the staggering statistics when he made a cas ...

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‘Takeaway packs pose danger’

Young people have been advised to stop eating food from styrofoams, popularly known as takeaway packs. A Researcher into Human Health, Mr Effa Baffo Gyamfi, who gave the advise, explained that styrofoams are made from black waste from petroleum fuel distillation popularly known as coal tar. Therefore, when food is put in them, they leach these dangerous chemicals into the food making it toxic for human cons ...

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Russia makes strides in Ebola vaccine trials in Guinea

On August 9, the Republic of Guinea launched post-registration clinical trials of the Russian Ebola vaccine Gam Evac Combi. The National Ethics Committee for Health Research of Guinea’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (MOHPH) issued a permit to conduct clinical trials of the vaccine on 2,000 Guinean citizens in July 2016. The Ebola epidemic in Western Africa primarily affected three countries: Guinea, ...

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C/R: Patronage of female condoms low

The Central Regional Technical Group on Family Planning has expressed worry about the low education and patronage of female condoms. At a meeting to discuss the progress of family planning activities in the region, the group noted that while many did not know how to use the female condoms others had not even heard about it. They said it was important that all available family planning methods were efficient ...

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A/R: Swine Fever contained

Veterinary officers in the Ashanti Region say they have brought the African Swine Fever outbreak under control by preventing it from spreading beyond the three affected districts. Bosomtwe, Atwima Nwabiagya, and Ahafo Ano North have been affected compelling authorities to destroy affected pigs. The head of the Veterinary Services Department in the region, Dr Emmanuel Edward Ansah, speaking to Class News, sa ...

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Swine Fever: 400 pigs killed

Officials at the Ashanti regional Veterinary Services Department have stepped up bio-security measures following an outbreak of African swine fever which has killed 400 pigs in three districts of the region between May and June this year. Adjaman and Amakom in the Bosomtwe district, Hemang near Santasi in the Atwima Nwabiagya district, and Tepa in the Ahafo Ano North district are some communities that have ...

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Encourage women to test for cervical cancer: Men urged

A medical doctor, Dr Naa Sodzi-Tettey, has called on men to support and encourage the women in their lives to get tested for cervical cancer. Her advice comes on the heels of the fact that cervical cancer is estimated to claim over 1500 female lives annually in Ghana but advocacy on the need for prevention is usually on the low. Dr Sodzi-Tettey gave the advice at the launch of the Akatasia campaign in Accra ...

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